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Silt Fence Wire Mesh

Silt Fence Wire Mesh


$ 600.00

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2017-03-17 05:20:18
East industrial Zone, Anping, Hebei, China
$ 600.00
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$ 500.00
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Winchebro Metal Manufacture Co., Ltd [ Silver ]
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Silt Fence Wire Mesh - a Great Support for Silt Fabric

Silt fence wire mesh is made of stainless steel wire which has high strength and integrity. The two most common types are chain link wire mesh (diamond wire mesh) and welded ones which are long lasting and can be applied with silt fence fabric in different types and dimensions. In accordance with ASTMD6637 Test Method for Determining Tensile Properties ofGeogrids by the Single or Multi-Rib Tensile Method, wire support fence shall be 14 gauge steel wire and a maximum opening size of 6 by 6 in. [150 by 150 mm].
Providing strong, durable and flexible construction, chain link or welded wire mesh used for temporary silt fence can work with posts and fabric to trap the flowing sediment without creating a serious downstream flooding problem.

There are many rolls of welded silt fence wire meshes.
SFWM-01: Silt fence welded wire mesh is made of high-strength stainless steel wire.
Chain link silt fence wire meshes are piled up.
SFWM-02: Silt fence wire mesh has two common types: welded and chain link ones.
Chain link wire meshes are installed with silt fence fabric and metal posts.
SFWM-03: Installed with silt fence fabric, metal posts and other accessories, silt fence wire meshes perform better.
Specification - silt fence wire mesh
ModelOpening size (mm)StylesRoll size (mm)
(height × length)
SFWMS-0125 × 25Chain link30"×50'
SFWMS-0225 × 50Welded36" × 80'
SFWMS-0350 × 50Chain link36" × 100'
SFWMS-0480 × 80Chain link40" × 100'
SFWMS-0550 × 100Welded36" × 50'
SFWMS-0675 × 100Welded48" × 50'
SFWMS-07100 × 100Chain link/welded36" × 100'
SFWMS-0865 × 130Welded48" × 100'
SFWMS-09130 × 130Chain link48" × 80'
SFWMS-1075 × 150Welded60" × 200'
SFWMS-11150 × 150Chain link/welded60" × 200'
  • Material: stainless steel.
  • Diameter: at least 14 gauge.
  • Colors: silver (origin), black, white, etc.

Notice: Other sizes and colors can be customized upon your needs.

It shows a 14 gauge black silt fence wire mesh with 3' × 100' openings.
SFWM-04: Silt fence wire mesh can be manufactured into different dimensions.
There is a piece of silt fence wire mesh with black coated.
SFWM-05: PVC coated can protect silt fence wire meshes from rusting and wearing.


  • Silt fence wire mesh can support fabric and work with steel posts efficiently to provide a integral sediment control system for users.
  • Silt fence wire meshes, both chain link and welded ones, are corrosion-resistant and anti-rust.
  • Being high-strength and durable, silt fence wire mesh has a long service life.
  • Silt fence wire mesh can adapt to multifarious environment, weather and outdoor conditions.
  • Silt fence wire mesh has smooth and bright appearance.

Assembled with silt fence fabric, steel posts and other accessories (hog rings, fencing pliers, zip tie, safety cap, sod staple and so forth), silt fence wire mesh can be applied on the construction sites, along channels, at the head of slopes, nearby gullies, etc. to redirect and impound surface runoff effectively and, thereby, provide effective sediment control.

Silt fence with chain link wire mesh is set on the grassland.
SFWM-06: Silt fence wire mesh can be applied in many areas, such as construction sites, grasslands, slopes and so forth.
Rolls of chain link wire meshes for silt fencing are stored in the warehouse.
SFWM-07: Chain link wire meshes for silt fencing can provide a great support to the whole erosion control system.
Both edges of chain link wire meshes for silt fencing are covered with yellow woven bags.
SFWM-08: Woven bags can avoid chain link wire meshes for silt fence being damaged during the transit.
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